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Papers and Patents

  • “Future Advances: Seeking a Standard for Advanced Television” Broadcaster, October 1991, 26-28.
  • “Stripline Technology – Fundamentals and Applications in High-Power Transmitters” (With P.C. Turner) 45th Annual Broadcast Engineering Conference Proceedings, National Association of Broadcasters, 1991, 118-121.
  • “Radio – A New World Dawning” Presentation at Fifth International Broadcast News Workshop, Toronto, 5 June 1991.
  • “An Overview of Transmission Systems Proposed for the Digital Audio Radio Service” Paper presented at the forty-third annual symposium of the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society, Washington, 22 September 1993.
  • Buying a Broadcast Station: A Guide to Due Diligence. (With Erwin Krasnow, Robin Martin, and Kevin Reymond) Carmel: Paul Kagan Associates, 1993.
  • Perspectives on Telecommunications in the National Information Infrastructure. (With John Richardson, et al.) Washington: IEEE-USA, 1993.
  • “Evaluation of Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Radiation” Paper presented at symposium, Radiofrequency Radiation Considerations. Public Radio Conference, San Antonio, 12 April 1994.
  • Over 60 other articles published in various communications industry publications


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    Steve is a consulting wireless engineer who provides support for projects involving technology analysis, standardization, regulation, patent portfolio management, and corporate communication. Clients include vendors, service providers, asset managers, government agencies, and other professional service providers.

    "... influencing how we perceive developments in mobile, how we learn about it and what we know." -- Forbes

    "For a truly nuanced recap of spectrum policy, his Twitter account is a top source." -- Consumer Technology Association

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