Blogband: The Critics Rave

Blogband is the FCC’s official blog of the National Broadband Plan. I find many of the posts interesting; I sometimes get more insight on where the Commission is coming from. I posted a comment to one of them a few days ago. It was accepted for moderation, and that was the last I saw of it. Wondering what happened, today I checked the Blogband Moderation Policy; since I expressed a contrary view, I suppose it might have been considered a violation of the “relevant discussion” clause. Otherwise, I think I met the provisions.

In the course of poking around, I discovered a secreted Off Topic Comments section, something I’ve never seen in any blog before, and perhaps a first in social media. On the hunch that disagreement with the Commission might be considered off-topic, I looked for my comment there, but no luck. I did, however, find some other comments that, while off any seeming topic, the Commission found fit to memorialize, perhaps to be dredged up when they are on topic. Here are some excerpts (I started to correct spelling, but gave up):

“What does ICANN do with $250,000,000 per day from cyberspace taxes ?”

“Never mind the technical discussion; AT&T executives should be perp-walked off to jail….”

“Peace and understanding is more than what I can offer..Love..Love…Love..It is all about us trying to understand the truth so we can Love each other and move around in a safe enviroment. Love for the People…I Know that we are understanding Peace and we want to Love all of our people. Love all of our People…With Dignity and Respect for each and every Person…”

“Because of the Global Weather Conditions all we can do is take care of the Dead and dying.”

“These blogs are a poor way of communicating policy – what ever happen to a simple press release?”

“Maybe this is covered somewhere else and I just didn’t see it. My question is Are you kidding me? I (the tax payer) have already paid to help my neighbor get a new truck while I drive an 11 yr old 200,000+ mile car because it didn’t qualify and I can’t afford a new one. He is planning on buying a new washer and fridge in the fall once that incentive starts while I don’t even have washer hookups to put one.  And now I get to pay for him to have free internet to sit in his living room and download porn. Yes, I can see his computer as I walk by to my apartment and he’s always watching porn.”

“Mr. Chairman, I really don’t see the need in the FCC gaining the power to shut the internet down in case of emergency? This is when you would want it to be up to warn the people not cut them off from it.”

“I wonder who the hell reads these things…”

“Twitter twitter tweet tweet – see the the government employee working hard for the American people gee golly.”

“Writing for the three-judge panel of Circuit Judges Rogers, Tatel and Kavanaugh, Judge Rogers summarized: ‘The Commission failed to satisfy the notice and comment requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act (’APA’) by redacting studies on which it relied in promulgating the rule and failed to provide a reasoned explanation for its choice of the extrapolation factor for measuring Access BPL emissions.’ What kind of interferance is this going to generate? I am told I will not be able to use my AM radio and listen to Rush. Which you want to take of the air anyway.”

“‘Wireless Last Mile’ and can’t call. Pretty soon we can all simply go to the Post Office to share our ideas.”

“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’s back. 1234567890″

“Is the age of the teletype forgotten?”

“This would be really great if the system wasnt so broken, capitalist driven, and 3world bound by a treasonous government that has sold our legacy down the river already. Thanks less than zero!”

“Statistics are no substitute for judgment… IN BED!!!!!! No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking… IN BED!!!!!  ahahahahaha”

Please keep any comments on topic.

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