LightSquared requests extension of experimental authority

LightSquared has asked the FCC for extension of experimental authority to conducts tests in support of a proposed frequency swap, saying it needs more time.

In March, I wrote about the original request for this experiment. That authority expires July 20. On the new application form, LightSquared says it expects experimental operation to be completed by September 30, 2013.

The form is accompanied by a supporting exhibit, similar to the first, but with LightSquared taking the opportunity to “clarify” a few points:

  • When LightSquared says “continental United States,” it includes Alaska
  • LightSquared emphasizes that its cooperation with federal agencies extends to NOAA
  • Having had some coordination discussions with federal agencies,  LightSquared says it won’t conduct experimental operation at certain specified locations, but will at others if they are acceptable to the FCC, NTIA, and NOAA.

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