University of Massachusetts applies to use WiMAX with virtual network lab

The University of Massachusetts has filed an application and supporting exhibit with the FCC for an experimental license to use WiMAX as part of the Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) project.

Operation will be at 2590-2600 MHz and use NEC’s WiMAX base-station hardware supporting a maximum of three sectors, a coverage radius of 3-5 km, and peak data rates of 15-30 Mbps. The base station uses an external PC controller that interfaces the base station to other parts of the GENI infrastructure.

GENI plans to support experimentation on shared heterogeneous infrastucture with programmability throughout the network, including wireless aspects. It is intended to promote innovations in network science, security, technologies, services, and applications. At this time, GENI plans to use WiMAX at 8 universities. Some sites will also use the OpenFlow standard, which allows researchers to run experimental protocols on production networks.


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